Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Suzaan Heyns in Cape Town

Oh! How I envy Cape Tonians right now!!

Suzaan Heyns has decided to move her edgy, super chic, tres DeGorge wearable art pieces from her Spring/summer (refer to Cape Town Fashion Week) from the "underground only access status" (words stolen from a press release, lol) to being available via a boutique.

Now-now, it is Suzaan Heyns after all so it's not going to be just any boutique, it's the newly launched boutique at 34 Long Street and it's called "Merchants on Long" (a building referred to as " Undoubtedly the best example of Art Nouveau architecture still left in Cape Town"). The boutique does not limit its stock to clothing only - but it does procure everything from African Labels - so yes, it might just be a Cape to Cairo experience! Go check it out! RUN!

Ps> Suzaan darl: what about the Joburg people? Nee liefie, waneer sal ons jou kleure in a tres chic boutique kry?

*side eyes VieArem - a friend who's setting up a boutique store and she's not an ordinary girl *

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