Monday, December 6, 2010

David Tlale For Luella - shoe collection

Two season ago, David Tlale joined forces with Luella and created a KILLER shoe collection: gladiators, diamante-studded 9 inch heels, cone-shaped heeled booties and peep toes sky-high heels in taupe and Leopard print (with a sharp jagged sole) with an unmistakable pink sole (this was prior Paris Hilton heels which gained popularity a few months ago) - all very "forward" and in-line with the DT aesthetic (sometimes an acquired taste - but lovable nonetheless).

This season, David Tlale opted for a more ready-to-wear, everyday wear type of shoes: pumps with a bit of detail, gladiators and GLADIATORS... I was mildly disappointed by this collection. David, being somewhat of an extremist, opted the easy way out with this collection and went a little too simple, thereby loosing the DT aesthetic that is associated with his brand (you know: daring, bold, sharp, forward thinking and completely nonconformist) AND the "statement shoe" mentality, with the exception of one or two pairs.

Then again: if it's comfort, minimalism and everyday wear that you seek, then this is the collection you'd love.

At the risk of sounding anal: I bought a pair that I think should've carried through in the rest of the collection (fulfilling one of my shoe lusts) so it's not ALL gloom and doom.


Sandiso Ngubane said...

Where are your views on the LISOF show. I'm really keen to hear it.

Maque DeGorgeous said...

HAHA! that's coming soon - im working on more than just a review for that! I think it needs more time for me to simmer in it.