Sunday, February 20, 2011


Lisp, in short said: Let's never forget to party... club 54-style: Sex and rock 'n roll.

The target audience here is clearly the young folk... young folk with a punk-rock attitude but still seeking feminine touches. The contrast of the soft sheer, chiffon, "fluffy" material against the leather made quite an impact.

The clothes were sensual and seductive with a hard inner-being existing in them (depicted by the leather) - which again brings up the attitude that the clothes require - quite ballsy!

The finishes and fittings were a bit ill - but that added to the "don't give" attitude. Whether by mistake or by design, these questionable touches seemed to work.

I dwelled on the attitude aspect in this collection because there is clearly one way to wear a Lisp and that's with confidence laced with a party, uplifting mood.

In terms of designs, silhouettes and concept, this collection was not fresh - but all these elements were well put together to tell a story... a story of a good night out.

Pics by Simon Deiner

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